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Station Equipment

The system is Davis Vantage PRO2 Wireless.
Signals are received from 2 integrated sensor suites, one of which consists of a combined rain collector, temperature, Solar, UV and humidity sensors. it is mounted on a 3m Wooden post, guyed off with 2 steel wires.
The Anemometer and Wind vane are mounted on a 3m long 30mm Aluminum pole keeping them clear of ground turbulence at the top of the wooden post.
The 2nd is a Separate Soil Temperature and Moisture senor unit, mounted in another location
controlled via a sperate Davis radio controller which sends its information back to the Davis Pro2 main unit.
Atmospheric pressure and internal temperature sensor sited indoors.
The base console is connected to the PC using a serial cable via a datalogger, running Windows 7 64 bit.
The PC Weather recording software is "Weather Display by Brian Hamilton" and Weather Display Live 6.05 on the Internet. The Live page is updated every 15 seconds. Other pages every 15 minute





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